Ahmed Taekwondo Academy

Educate | Discipline | Believe | Achieve

Awarded to Ayra Zohib

Age: 11

Started: April 2022


  • Attitude & Focus has improved a lot
  • Approaches difficult tasks in a more mature manner
  • Understands her purpose in training and believes with effort she can do it
  • Overall a lot of progression of recent with her success at the ATA GAMES an indicator of that
  • We can see she has a lot of potential and can’t wait to see what she will continue to achieve throughout her TKD Journey

Honorable Mentions:

Yahya Sajjad, Eesa Variava, Mohammed Hassan Shakib

Humairah Mulla, Saara Patel, Amna Farhaan

A Massive Well Done to Ayra for this Great Achievement!

And let’s see who next August’s Student of the Month will be…

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