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Scorpion 1-1 Fight Day Results

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الحمد لله،
We had a great day at the Scorpion 1-1 Fight Day in Barnsley.
Congratulations to all the fighters, parents, families and supporters, and جزاكم الله خير to everyone who attended and remembered us in their Duas…
There was some excellent performances, a great first competition for most of the kids and experience gained. Onto the next one, In’sha’Allah Premier in June will be the next…
Scroll down for our Squads Results & Highlights ⬇️

Results: [14 Students]

  • X7 Gold 🥇
  • X10 Silver 🥈

Dawood Nana 🥈

Abdul-Kareem Aswat 🥈

Eesa Variava 🥈

Muhammad Umar Ahmed 🥈🥈

Hamzah Nana 🥇

Ahmad Muhammad 🥇

Ismail Dabhelia 🥇

Shayaan Jawad 🥈

Umair Dilpazir 🥇🥇

Hadia Haroon 🥇

Maryam Vachhiat 🥈

Maryam Amjid🥈

Ayra Zohib 🥈

Humairah Ahmed 🥇🥈

Fighter of the Tournament: Umair Dilpazir – 2 Fights – 2 Wins = X2 Gold 🥇

Boys Vs Girls:


X5 Gold 🥇 | X6 Silver 🥈


X2 Gold 🥇 | X4 Silver 🥈

Boys Win 🏆

Scorpion 1-1 Fight Day Highlights 2022

More Photos From The Scorpion 1-1:

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