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Contact Muhammad Daanyaal at 07888 254700 to Book a Free Taster Session or for more information.

[Please Read through the Information below as you may find a lot of the answers to your questions below]

What will I be Required of to attend a Free Taster Session?

What should I wear?

  • Anything sporty (eg: jogging bottoms + t-shirt), no jeans
  • Remove any Jewelry before the session

What should I bring with me?

  • A bottle of water

Do I need to wear a Taekwondo Uniform or purchase any Gear before Attending?

No, you only should wear a Taekwondo Uniform and bring your Gear if you’ve previously done Taekwondo (and it still fits you).

The Taekwondo Uniform and Protective Gear can be purchased after you have decided to Join us. Also, you shouldn’t feel pressured in buying it, give it a week or so to decide if Taekwondo is for you, then feel free.

Note: We sell all the required kit at Ahmed Taekwondo Academy.

What will happen on arrival?

On arrival, a Parent/Guardian will be required to complete a Waiver Form before the session commences. You will then be guided to your Training Area by a Member of Staff and do the session. Do not be afraid to ask any Questions to the Instructor, they are there to teach, help and guide you.

Note: Parents/Guardians can stay to watch their Child(ren) do the Class. 

What sort of things might you learn in your first lesson?

In your First Lesson, you will/might be taught:

  • Taekwondo Fighting Stance
  • Taekwondo Guard
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Push Kick
  • Axe Kick (and maybe more kicks depending on the lesson being taught at the time)
  • And you may learn a few other things (again depending on the lesson being taught at the time

Watch the Videos below to have a little more of an insight on what you might learn in your first lesson.

What will happen after I have Participated in my Free Taster Session?

At the end of the session, you will be given 2 packs

  1. A Welcome Pack
  2. A British Taekwondo Form [For Insurance – Lasts for 1 Year – £25 each]

Please read through the forms with a Parent/Guardian after attending the session. Then If you are happy and would like to Join Us, then please fill in the 2 or 3 forms and bring them back for your second session. [The Instructor will explain which forms to fill on the day] 

How can I Join Ahmed Taekwondo Academy after my Taster Session?

If you are happy after your Free Taster Session and wish to Join Us, you will be required to fill in the designated forms. These forms should be brought back and given to a Member of Staff upon arrival of your Second Session with us.

You will also have to decide if you would like to pay as you go (£5 a Session) or £30 a month before attending your Second Session as either payment will be required prior to the Second Session. Any payments can be paid via our bank or cash in hand will be accepted too.

As a monthly paying member, you have access to all classes [16+ per month/4 a week] for a luxurious price of £30, or an even better price of £25 if you are attending with another family member. [You’ll find more about Discount Prices Below]

In order for you to pick up all the required skills for your level/belt, we recommend attending as many classes as possible, the more the better. Attending all classes will ensure you learn all the required content in order to progress in terms of your skills set, fighting ability etc.

As a Minimum Requirement, all Students should come to 2 Classes a Week. One being the Sunday Class as well as any other Class (either Mon, Wed or Sat) to ensure the required progression is made on the 2 sides of Taekwondo (Sport Taekwondo and Poomsae).

Discount Prices

At Ahmed Taekwondo Academy, we offer a Discount Price for Strictly Family Members for their Monthly Membership. Our price for a Single Member is £30, however for each Family Member we charge £25, saving you £5 each person. [Prices may be changed in the future with notice]

  • 2 Members = £50
  • 3 Members = £75
  • 4 Members = £100
  • 5 Members = £125
  • +6 Members = £150

What happens after I have Joined?

Immediately after joining, you should quickly learn a few Basic Kicks within the first few weeks as well as some other Taekwondo Basics. You will slowly slowly understand the process and quickly get into a routine of training. At first your flexibility, fitness and technique may not be good. But within a short amount of time, you will come to realize your progressions.

In terms of Uniform and Equipment, we recommend you buy the equipment as soon as possible so you can get stuck in straight away. However, if you want to wait a week or so to see if Taekwondo is what you want to do before deciding to buy the Equipment, please feel free to do so.

At Ahmed Taekwondo Academy, we have a system in place that will monitor and track your progress throughout the Year. Every so often, we have regular Fitness and Taekwondo Testing that records your flexibility, speed, technique etc. This helps us as well as the Student to see how things are going and also to see what they maybe need to work more on.