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Poomsae (Traditional Taekwondo)

What is Poomsae?

Poomsae is the Traditional Side of Taekwondo where our Students learn different kicks, blocks, patterns and other drills that are set depending on their belt. Each belt has a set syllabus which students will learn in a beginner friendly manner/environment.

Each Student has a set minimum 3 months to learn their content, after which if they are ready, they can take an examination/grading. If they pass, then they will successfully be promoted to the next belt. However if Students are not ready for the upcoming grading, all is well. And they can take the next scheduled grading which will be in a few months time. Students will repeat this process up until 1st Dan/1st Poom Black Belt.

After Students have reached 1st Poom/Dan Black Belt, they will have to wait for 1 Year to get the 2nd Dan. After that 2 more Years for the 3rd Dan, 3 Years after that for the 4th Dan etc.

Basically the amount of Years you will have to wait for the next belt is the (number) Black Belt you are on.

What are the different kinds of things Students will learn for each belt?

For White Belts (Beginners), Students will learn the 10 Taekwondo Stances, 10 Basic Movements, a few basic kicks, blocks and strikes.

And for each of the belts after White Belt, Students will have a set Pattern to learn, they will learn new kicks, new blocks and new strikes. Also Students will learn Self-Defense Techniques after they’ve progressed through the first few belts. 

In terms of the Syllabuses for each of the different belts, below you will find exactly what you will need to know/learn in order to pass your Grading/Examination successfully.