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Sports (Olympic) Taekwondo

What is Sport Taekwondo?

Sport Taekwondo is the Olympic Side of Taekwondo in which Students learn the different Taekwondo Kicks, Movement/Footwork and other components of Sport Taekwondo in order to put it into practice in the form of Sparring. Sparring is where students practice their skills on an Opponent to better their fighting ability and understanding. After much practice, Students can then participate in Competitions to test their skills against others

Taekwondo Training Highlights

Over time, Students will start to understand the tactical side of Sparring and they can start to fight Internationally against International fighters around the World. This can be followed onto European and World Championships as well as the Olympics if Students are selected for the GB Team.

GB Taekwondo provide various pathway Program’s for Athletes to be Selected for GB Squads.