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At Ahmed Taekwondo Academy, we offer classes for 3 different age groups:

  • 4-8 Years [Mixed for Males and Females]
  • 9-17 Years [Segregated for Males and Females]
  • 18+ Adults [Segregated for Males and Females]

Class Duration is between 1 hour 15 mins and 1 hour 30 mins depending on the age category and day of the week.

We aim to offer classes in the most informative way using up to date efficient techniques. All Classes are pre-planned to ensure all the learning objectives are delivered and met in the set learning period

Scroll down below to get an insight as to what a typical day at Ahmed Taekwondo Academy is like.

Classes We Offer:

Sport Taekwondo Classes is the Olympic side of Taekwondo. In this, Students will learn all the different Taekwondo Kicks throughout the course of a Year depending on their ability and rate of progression. Students will also learn the technical, tactical and mental strategies in a Fighting Situation and ultimately put their knowledge together in the form of Taekwondo Sparring.

We can then take Students to competitions to test their fighting skills against other Taekwondo Students of similar ability and belt locally, nationally and even internationally in the future.

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Poomsae Classes includes learning the Traditional side of Taekwondo. Every Student starts at white belt and makes their way up to black belt throughout the course of a few years depending on their ability and rate of progression. All the content taught is pre-planned to ensure we teach all the required content for each belt. Some of the content includes learning the Taekwondo blocks and strikes, their required Pattern and much more.

At Ahmed Taekwondo Academy, we have 4 pre-scheduled Gradings/Examinations based at 3 Month Intervals for Students to put their acquired knowledge to the Test. Passing the Grading/Examination will ensure a successful promotion to the next belt.

This process is then repeated for each belt with slightly more advanced learning as you get higher up the belts.

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*To see exactly what is required for each individual belt, check out this Page Here

3. Fitness For Women Only

On Monday Evenings, we have a Fitness Class For Women Only taught by a Female Instructor. Classes usually involve Circuit Training, Self Defense and any other Fitness related Activities.

Class Times

Where do Classes take place?

Address: PKWA, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 7BX