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On the 31st of Dec 2022 and 1st of Jan 2023, we held our second Interclub Tournament.

Alhamdulillah, this time we were able to use our newly bought KPNP [Electronic Scoring Equipment] which was a massive improvement from our last years manual scoring method.

On Day 1, we had our small boys and all our girls fighting while on Day 2 we had the rest of our boys fighting along with 14 boys from ITA.

On Day 2, nearly everyone managed to fight someone new with some fighters getting 3 or more fights across the day (those who proceeded successfully through the rounds).

Alhamdulillah there were some strong performances with some surprising ones too. The feedback from Parents was positive and we hope to do another Interclub Tournament just before the Summer Holidays In’sha’Allah.

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Group Photos

Groups 1-4

Groups 5-6

Groups 7-11


Group 1

Category: Pee-Wee Male -22kg

Participants: 5

🥇 Ibraheem Kamal

🥈 Muhammad Ehsaan Raza Nazir

🥉 Yusuf Laher & Danyaal Idris

Group 2

Category: Pee-Wee Female -25kg

Participants: 3

🥇 Summayah Nana

🥈 Zaynab Patel

🥉 Sara Nazir

Group 3

Category: Pee-Wee Male +23kg

Participants: 6

🥇 Muhammad Bharoocha

🥈 Dawood Nana

🥉 Eesa Nana & Farhaan Mohammed

Group 4

Category: Child Female -26kg

Participants: 5

🥇 Zara Khalil

🥈 Saara Patel

🥉 Safa Qayyum & Yousra Zemmama

Group 5

Category: Child Female +26kg

Participants: 4

🥇 Hadia Haroon

🥈 Aisha Amjid

🥉 Samara Mohammed & Aiza Jawad

Group 6

Category: Cadet Female +35kg

Participants: 7

🥇 Safiyyah Shafi

🥈 Hania Haroon

🥉 Inayah Hussain & Maryam Amjid

Group 7

Category: Child Male -25kg

Participants: 5

🥇 Hamzah Nana

🥈 Mohammad Faizaan (ITA)

🥉 Mustafa Khan (ITA) & Ismail Loonat

Group 8

Category: Child Male -29kg

Participants: 6

🥇 Muhammad Umar Ahmed

🥈 Raees Motara (ITA)

🥉 Eesa Hussain (ITA) & Ahmed Diwan

Group 9

Category: Child Male -34kg

Participants: 11

🥇 Raihaan Hussain (ITA)

🥈 Taahir Daji (ITA)

🥉 Hassan Hashmi (ITA) & Muhammad Irfan Yakub (ITA)

Group 10

Category: Cadet Male -44kg

Participants: 6

🥇 Shayaan Jawad

🥈 Amaan Patel

🥉 Muhammad Zaki Aslam (ITA) & Ibrahim Patel (ITA)

Group 11

Category: Cadet Male +44kg

Participants: 6

🥇 Hasnain Riaz (ITA)

🥈 Muhammad Hamdan Qazi

🥉 Eesah Ahmed & Muhammad Rayan Qazi

ATA Games 2023 Highlights Video

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