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Alhamdulillah, to mark the End of our First Club Year (2021) at Ahmed Taekwondo Academy, we decided to organize an Interclub Tournament for our students to test out their  learnt knowledge over the course of a Year for some while for others only a few months.

The Event was run over 2 days (Jan 1st & Jan 2nd) with Students split into 12 Groups according to their rough weight/height/age/abilities. We had 6 Groups fighting on Saturday with the other 6 Groups on Sunday. This allowed us to smoothly run an Interclub Tournament without any electronic equipment with the exception of a Timer.

All scoring was done by mouth/hand and Insha’Allah by the next Event, we will have some sort of Electronic Scoring System/Equipment to help make the fights more accurate in many ways. All the fights were refereed by Abdullah Ahmed (British Taekwondo Qualified Referee & Judge), the students were coached by Instructors Muhammad & Haleemah with special mentions to Black belts Khawlah & Humairah for adding the scores (with paper and pen 😄)

In terms of the actual fights, we as Instructors really saw everyone giving their best efforts with some Students coming out of their shell like never before and really expressing themselves and their capabilities.

The Tournament also gave Parents the opportunity to see their child(ren) from a completely new perspective with some parents “shocked” as to what their child(s) capabilities and improvements were over a short period of training with us.

Alhamdulillah, we are proud to say everyone did really well. The fights were exciting, entertaining and engaging. The Contrast in the Atmosphere was really surprising. During the fights, everyone was cheering on their child or fellow student or sibling. Once the fight had finished, everyone waited apprehensively in silence for the final score and winner. With a round of applause for both fighters, the winners proceeded onto the next round(s) until the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalists were decided.


Group 1

Participants: 4

🥇 Umar Fadia

🥈 Muhammad Diwan

🥉 Danyaal Idris & Ibraheem Kamal

Group 2

Participants: 3

🥇 Safiyah Vachhiat

🥈 Humayra Laher

🥉 Safiyah Patel

Group 3

Participants: 5

🥇 Muhammad Patel

🥈 Eesa Nana

🥉 Dawood Nana & Sulaiyman Diwan

Group 4

Participants: 8

🥇 Zara Khalil

🥈 Zaynab Patel

🥉 Saara Patel & Sumayyah Nana

Group 5

Participants: 6

🥇 Abdul-Kareem Aswat

🥈 Khalid Patel

🥉 Eesa Variava & Hamzah Nana

Group 6

Participants: 4

🥇 Aiza Jawad

🥈 Maryam Vachhiat

🥉 Aamina Munshi & Mahnoor Usman

Group 7

Participants: 8

🥇 Muhammad Umar Ahmed

🥈 Ismail Dabhelia

🥉 Hamzah Patel & Yusuf Sadiq

Group 8

Participants: 6

🥇 Abdullah Patel

🥈 Muhammad Haroon Dilpazir

🥉 Salahuddin Munshi & Yahya Sajjad

Group 9

Participants: 4

🥇 Safiyyah Shafi

🥈 Juwayriyah Ahmed [not pictured]

🥉 Ameera Sadiq & Faizah Dabhelia

Group 10

Participants: 4

🥇 Shayaan Jawad

🥈 Eesa Zohib

🥉 Ahmad Mohmadali Badat & Sabbir Jasat

Group 11

Participants: 3

🥇 Ayra Zohib

🥈 Hafsah Esa [not pictured]

🥉 Aaminah Sajjad

Group 12

Participants: 6

🥇 Mohammed Khalil

🥈 Muhammad Hamdan Qazi

🥉 Muhammad Rayan Qazi & Umair Dilpazir

ATA Games 2022 Highlights Video

Coach Muhammad: “I couldn’t get a lot of footage because of being occupied with Coaching. However, I did record a few fights with a static camera so here you have it!”

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